Regina is the ex-wife of Brillo, who was holding his dog, Missy, during the divorce settlement, which she wanted to bleed him dry from.


Beethoven's 2nd

Regina was granted custody of her ex-husband's Brillo's dog, Missy. She was planning to give her back after she got her settlement money, but got enraged when she realized Missy had puppies. Initially, she planned on killing them, but the Newton children heard this and decided to rescue/steal the puppies from her. However, they were unaware that Gus, the janitor, convinced Regina that selling the puppies would be a better idea. Later, Missy escaped with the help of Beethoven. Regina later confronted the Newton family at a state fair, threatening to kill their dog. She took her puppies back, but they escaped with the help of Beethoven. In a climax, between Regina, Floyd, Regina's boyfriend, and the Newtons, Regina and Floyd were knocked off a cliff, causing her to just give up her rights to the puppies in frustration. Later, Brillo revealed to the Newtons that she lost her settlement case and will not be receiving a penny of the money she was asking for.


Behind the scenes

Regina is played by Debi Mazar.

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