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George M.[1] Newton is the owner of the car freshener firm, Newton Air Fresheners. He is married to Alice Newton, and is father to their three kids: eldest, Ryce; middle child, Ted, and youngest, Emily. He also has a brother, Richard.

Much to his protests, he let his family keep the stray St. Bernard, they named Beethoven. Then was coerced into allowing his puppies to live with them temporarily.


Beethoven (film)

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Beethoven's 2nd

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Beethoven's 3rd

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Beethoven's 4th

Beethoven continued to stay with Richard and his family, because George's family still hadn't left Europe, yet.[2]


TV series

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Behind the scenes

George is played by Charles Grodin. In the TV series, he is voiced by Dean Jones, who also played Dr. Herman Varnick, the main villain of the first film.


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