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Beethoven is a St. Bernard dog and the adopted pet of George Newton's family. He has also being under the care of Richard, George's brother, and his family. George's kids named him after the famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, after he barked at Emily, George's youngest, playing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on Piano.

He is also the mate of another St. Bernard named Missy, as well as the father of their puppies, Dolly, Tchiavosky, Mo, and Chubby.


Beethoven (film)

As a puppy, Beethoven was originally in the care of a Doktor Pet Center in Valley Vista, until someone would adopt him. Unfortunately, not many people seemed to be interested in adopting him, and when they were, he would put them off.

Beethoven's 2nd

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Beethoven's 3rd

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Beethoven's 4th

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Beethoven's 5th

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TV series

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Other Beethoven

Beethoven's Big Break

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Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

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Beethoven's Treasure Tail

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Behind the scenes


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